Timely Buys

Has cold weather got you down? Me too! Retail therapy to our rescue!

Timely Buys
Photo by Chandan Chaurasia / Unsplash

Today I explore a few items that could help us deal with whatever winter brings us, get us psyched for the holiday of love next month and take our spring dreaming to the next level.

If all this time spent indoors has you paying extra attention to dust bunnies, maybe it's time for a robotic vacuum. And you're in luck. The home appliance deals definitely didn't end in December. Amazon currently has prices reduced on iRobot Roombas by up to 50 percent!

Over the last few months, we've barely had a day when someone in our house hasn't been sick to some degree. The dry winter air definitely doesn't help with coughs, congestion and dry skin. And as much as I hate to have humidifiers all over the place (CLUTTER), they really do help. This one is 40 percent off right now. It's supposed to be really quiet, and it comes with a cleaning brush. Sold!

With Spring Break on my mind, our fam is in search of more packing cubes. Tons of them are on sale today—so many options!

OlarHike Travel Essentials (Amazon) *Gets great reviews, going to give them a try! I love all the color options.

Of course, Valentine's Day is just 23 days away. Each store is exploding with all sorts of goodies wrapped in red. Options abound. Sometimes it's the simplest things that can really be a hit, like these shower steamers, currently 25 percent off at Amazon. They can turn an everyday shower into a treat, and it's one of those little niceties that we may avoid buying for ourselves.

Satin/silk pajamas are always a hit as well. I understand lounging in lots of warm layers, but when it's time to hit the hay, I don't want to wear anything hot. Ekouaer makes so many slinky PJs that won't break the bank.

Ekouaer PJs (Amazon)

I do love to be warm outside, though—the countdown is on for Oahu—and I love outfits that are easy to pack, chic and cool. This set is so fun!

Fesscerunja Two-Piece Boho Outfit (Amazon)

And my crop top days are over, but this set is so adorable!

ANRABESS Women's Summer 2 pc (Amazon)

And how sweet is this cutout sundress?

LILLUSORY Women's Midi (Amazon)

Happy shopping! Spring is only a month and three weeks away! But who is counting?

Natalie Kaar

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