Drug-Free Nausea Relief

If the fear of nausea is keeping you from all sorts of fun, I have just the gadget to get you back in the game.

Drug-Free Nausea Relief
I bought this band to prevent/treat my own sea sickness on an upcoming vacation, but it came in handy right away for another family member.

Riding rollercoasters, sitting in the back seat of the car, cruising in a sailboat, reading on the subway ... these are all things that have the potential to make me so, so sick, especially as I've gotten older.

I've never been able to read in a car without feeling nauseated, and nausea has always played a part in my migraines, but these days it's impossible to predict what will make me feel sick to my stomach.

Several years ago at Disney World, I had a few of my worst migraines ever with tons of nausea. Then two summers ago, a friend invited us onto his sailboat, and I got so seasick (something that had never happened to me before), and I didn't feel completely back to normal for days afterward. Not wanting to be the burden or buzz-kill of my adventurous family, I've been eyeing Reliefband options since that fateful day on the Potomac, as another friend on the boat swore by hers.

Originally designed for hospital use, Reliefbands are FDA cleared and clinically proven to turn off nausea/vomiting signals by gently stimulating nerves in the wrist. Reliefband has several wrist-wearable options to choose from, starting at just $99. I purchased the Reliefband Sport ($249, available in black or grey) since it's waterproof and rechargeable. I love that the drug-free devices are FSA/HSA eligible, don't cause drowsiness or have any side effects.

If you have trouble deciding which one would be better for you, take the quiz on the Reliefband website.

This is what's included: the sport band, activation gel and charger. My only complaint is that the charger is kind of short.

I was anxious to try my Reliefband Sport on my family's Spring Break trip to Oahu, but it was actually my daughter Gwen who needed it first. She was devouring a new book on our drive from Waikiki to the North Shore. By the time we had stopped for lunch, she was feeling really carsick. Luckily, I had the Reliefband in my beach bag, and my husband and I had tested it out at home after watching the video on how to use it.

We showed Gwen how to use it, and she thought it felt kind of "cool and weird," once she got to level 3 (out of 6), which was the level at which she could feel the tingling. (When using it, you are to feel tingling from the wrist to middle finger.) She was so excited about how well it worked ... by the time our food came out, she was feeling almost 100% and was able to eat. She was so surprised how much it truly helped. I am taking this bad boy everywhere. It'll definitely be part of my migraine arsenal.

What a great gift for someone going through chemo or morning sickness! Plus, there is a 14-day money-back guarantee if you're not completely satisfied with it. If you prefer to shop on Amazon (affiliate link), you can also get the Reliefband Sport there.

I will never be as brave as my husband and girls, but this makes me a "yes" on a lot more thrills and adventures.

Natalie Kaar