Prime Big Deal Days: Day 2

The Amazon Prime Big Deal Days sale is in its second and final (glorious) day, and here is what I'm delighted to see discounted!

Prime Big Deal Days: Day 2
Photo by Tamanna Rumee / Unsplash

The second and final day of the Amazon Prime Big Deal Days extravaganza definitely doesn't disappoint, especially in terms of fashion and beauty buys.



If sweater weather makes you smitten, now is the time to refresh your selection. A few of my favorite options:

This is one of my favorite oversized sweaters for those cozy days you want to look cute but feel comfortable, and it's 20 percent off during the big sale. It's available in 27 different colors and is nice and soft.

At 18 percent off, this sweater combines three of my favorite features, a puff sleeve, crocheted details, and it's lightweight. There is lots of in-between weather in the fall, and this pretty is perfect for that. It comes in a whopping 38 colors.

This cute cropped cardigan is perfect for all those high-waisted pants you have collected. It comes in 16 colors from fun jewel tones to gorgeous neutrals, and you'll save 22 percent during the sale.

Workout Wows

Among the three females in my house, one workhorse workout item that is a must for all of us is a great pair of black shorts that stays put and is just the right length—long enough to be tasteful in any situation and not too long to no longer be considered cool. This pair is a resounding winner and 32 percent off today!

Another workout basic that is a must: trusty leggings. These are super comfortable and durable. They pass the teen test even though they aren't Lululemon. They get 4.6 stars based on over 19,000 ratings. And the black version is 30 percent off during the sale.

OK, not workout apparel, but nobody wants to be hangry running from the gym to sports practices and games with barely time to breathe in between them. If your Stanley is always with you, your snacks can be too, even as you sit in traffic. Save 20 percent on this clever snack ring. Pack a rainbow of veggies, fruit and cheese or nuts. Bam! A happy driver!


When it comes to keeping hair happy, a good mask can do absolute wonders! This is one of my longtime faves. You just use it once a week in place of conditioner, and leave it on 10 minutes (I suggest applying it before shaving and stuff). The mask is clinically proven to increase the strength of damaged hair 2x after three uses, but that's not all. It also prevents future breakage. A little goes a long way, so it lasts a long time. Get it now for 20 percent off.

If you over-plucked your brows in the '90s like I did, you may have considered microdermabrasion, but before you do, you might want to give this a try, like I did. I've seen incredible results, even in the outer corner of my brows. I always stock up when there's a big sale, like now when it's discounted 30 percent!

If your pits get extra sweaty, it never hurts to have added reassurance close by at all times. These deodorant wipes are easy to throw in a gym bag or purse so you never have to worry about smelling funky. And they are sans aluminum, baking soda, parabens, phthalates and SLS. Get them now while they're 20 percent off during Amazon Prime Big Deal Days.

This dryer brush from Drybar, currently 30 percent off, has been a godsend for teaching my girls how to dry their hair. Both of my daughters have long hair, one of them with thick, wavy hair and the other with fine, straight hair. This works well for each of them. And every time they use it, we're so impressed how shiny their hair looks once it's dry.

The deals on shampoo are numerous and generous. Beauty devices, from dermaplaning wands to red light devices and microcurrent musts, are also heavily discounted. Also exciting are the sales on different at-home manicure faves from press-on nails to glue and tools.

Happy shopping!

Prices as of Oct. 11, 2023, 2:31 p.m. ET. As an Amazon Associate, I can earn from qualifying purchases (affiliate links).