Mad Love for Misfits Market

Want to save on your family's groceries and help reduce food waste in America? Misfits Market is made for you!

Mad Love for Misfits Market
Photo by Zoe Schaeffer / Unsplash

Organic produce can get pretty pricey. And it can take driving all over town, shopping at several different stores, to get all the things on your shopping list. What's more, food waste and hunger are big, big issues.

According to Feeding America, the largest hunger relief organization in the United States, $408 Billion of food is thrown away each year. That's nearly 40 percent of America's food going into the garbage can. And if you think it's not a problem where you live, you're wrong. A whopping 34 million people in the United States, and 100% of U.S. counties are food insecure.

Misfits Market helps with all of this. It saves families money on food while lessening food waste. The company does this by buying and selling groceries that wouldn't sell at supermarkets due to superficial reasons, and would otherwise be wasted. That's due to things like outdated packaging, produce items that are larger or smaller—or more funny looking—than usual, as well as items that are simply considered surplus or are short-dated (with a best-by date due to expire in less than six weeks).

And the company delivers the goods to shoppers' doors. I couldn't love Misfits Market more. From incredible produce to my family's most in-demand snacks to pantry staples, and even eggs, meat and cheese, I am thrilled with the offerings. Here in Northern Virginia, I save way more through shopping online at Misfits Market than I do when I shop at Whole Foods, Wegman's and even Trader Joe's.

Here's a video of one of my most recent Misfits Market hauls. I was so excited to show my Mom my deals of the week!

I get so stoked over my Misfits Market hauls! Can you tell?

Also awesome, if there is ever any kind of issue with a delivery—like an item or two missing or ruined in any way—the company is quick with a refund.

Plus, the more you shop, the more you reep rewards in the form of free products and discounts! That's how my crew got addicted to the chocolate truffles featured in the video.

Anxious to give Misfits Market a go? Save $10 your first order with my referral code: COOKWME-NN5KJR.

Happy shopping!

Natalie Kaar