The '90s Are Calling

Experiencing the '90s trends again in 2022 is kind of trippy, but I think the decade definitely deserves some playbacks.

The '90s Are Calling
Photo by Vladislav Nahorny / Unsplash

I've always been someone who favors the trendy. I've had a certain something for things that are fresh and fun for as long as I can remember. While I've held on to certain classics over the years, like camel coats, Coach bags and sweaters that are truly timeless, each season I just have to infuse my closet with a few things that are "right now."

Speaking of now, the '90s trends are back in a big way, and my daughters (ages 9 and almost 12) can't get enough of them. I, on the other hand, have been experiencing déjà vu along with mixed feelings about the returning trends now that I'm 43.  

I've caught myself warning my girls not to follow trends blindly, but to pick and choose the ones that resonate with them. And I guess I ended up reminding myself of that advice. I wasn't a fan of Dr. Martens the first go-round (hey, I have BIG feet), and I'm still not fond of combat boots for myself, though I do love the look on others. Actually, though, I've found certain returning trends to be even sweeter in the second round. Crank up Tupac, and add the following to cart.

  1. Cardigans! Like Taylor Swift, I have always loved a good cardi. And I've lived long enough to realize that easily removable layers are key.
  2. Thick headbands! Super windy at those soccer games? Growing out bangs? Trying to tame some flyaways? This is your chic answer.
  3. Claw clips! I've never parted ways with claw clips, but I'm excited that they are now embraced beyond the bathroom. Forget the messy bun, these are crazy simple!
  4. Fanny packs! Like mullets, this is a trend I never thought would return, but I'm all about it. Even if going for a run, you have to tote certain things along with you. It's so nice to be hands-free.
  5. Birkenstocks, clogs and other clunky shoes! Due to various foot problems (especially capsulitis of the second toe), I have to wear orthotics (which are really hard to fit into cute shoes) or Birkenstocks to avoid pain. I'm so glad Birks are considered cool. I live in them.
  6. High-rise jeans! While I still want to hold onto my skinnies, I do love that high-rise jeans and other pants are still current. I'm way too old to worry about my underwear showing when I take a seat. How about you?
  7. Bodysuits! Maybe I'm just a bad tucker, but bodysuits are so convenient!
  8. Plaid play! Plaid is a fall staple, but it's really having a moment again. I love pants that are beyond basic, and a great plaid skirt is always a good idea.
  9. Overalls! I don't know why, but I have always LOVED overalls. These days Anthro has the ones I really want!
  10. Ribbed tops! Ribbing adds just a little extra something that can take a top up a notch.

Speaking of the '90s, who else can't wait until "I Wanna Dance With Somebody" is released? Whitney was the VERY best.