Dyson Airwrap’s Perfect Travel Pouch

Don’t want to go on a trip without the Dyson Airwrap, but find traveling with it to be a drag? I’ve got a treat for you!

Dyson  Airwrap’s Perfect Travel Pouch
Photo by louis magnotti / Unsplash

I don't like to leave home without my beloved Dyson Airwrap. After all, it is the quickest dryer I've ever owned; I love the versality that comes with the attachments; plus, it's so kind to my heavily highlighted hair. The problem: lugging its leather case around can be a bit cumbersome. The fact that the leather case doesn't have a carrying handle is one thing. It also takes up quite a bit of real estate.

Recently, we were getting ready to go on a cross-country trip to San Francisco, so I wanted to get some sort of travel pouch for my Dyson Airwrap that would fit easily into my carryon bag. The travel pouch that Dyson sells was out of stock, but good old Amazon had loads of options. The one that I landed on is a true winner. Here's why I LOVE the  Tomay Travel Storage Bag.

It has a handle for easy carrying.
It's has a slim profile.
It has great pockets for things like clips, barrettes, etc.
It holds all my most-used attachments and more!
This is what I packed in it for a recent trip. Actually, I can also fit my Wetbrush in there as well. And I have room leftover for plenty of other hair accessories like more clips or travel-sized hair products. (Yes, I need to clean the hair out of my brushes.)

And don't forget this bag can be yours for around $30! I highly recommend it! The reviews on Amazon suggest that it is also great for the Shark FlexStyle.

Happy Shopping!

Natalie Kaar