Bye-Bye, Dry Eyes

I thought I had exhausted my options in terms of dry eye relief. Then my doctor recommended OTC gel drops … talk about game changers!

Bye-Bye, Dry Eyes
Photo by Amanda Dalbjörn / Unsplash

For as long as I can remember, I've had dry eyes. The amount of money I've wasted on eye drops that brought minimal relief is absolutely astronomical; I certainly couldn't begin to do the math in my head. Who knew I was just buying the wrong kind?

For a little backstory, I have blue eyes, and they are very sensitive. I need to wear sunglasses even when it's cloudy these days.

Also, I have a pinguecula, otherwise known as surfer's eye. That's UV damage to my left eye, that appears as a red bump on the inner side of the sclera; this is a reminder to the young to wear sunglasses! The pinguecula gets irritated from the wind, dry air, sun exposure, wearing contacts too long, allergies, etc.

Plus, now that I've hit perimenopause, everything is a bit dry: hair, skin, eyes, you name it.

The fall and winter months, with dry air and forced heat, bring even more fun. I tend to tear up a lot, another symptom of dry eye. I've had punctal plugs inserted to help with that.

The best relief I've found, though, was right in front of me all along, and relatively inexpensive: gel eye drops. They work like magic!

My new ophthalmologist recommended the ones from Genteal and Refresh, and I can't believe the relief they both bring. I could almost go without my beloved Lumify redness-relieving drops; the redness has been reduced so much, just by lubricating. And my contacts are so much more comfortable throughout the day.

I just apply a gel drop in each eye before bed as well as right after I wake up, especially since I sleep underneath a ceiling fan. While the drops feel a bit weird at first (they're goopy), the relief is truly unmatched. These Genteal ones are my absolute fave.

If you have dry eyes, you've got to give gel drops a try!

Good luck!

Natalie Kaar

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