Amazon Prime Big Deal Days

Amazon Prime Big Deal Days are officially here, and I’m happy to share a few of the top sales sure to bring a smile!

Amazon Prime Big Deal Days
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I love to start my holiday shopping in October if not sooner. It may sound like it's a bit on the early side, but October through January is more of a blur for me each year, and I know I'm not alone in that. My first-born's birthday, just over a week before Christmas, also urges me to make my lists and check them twice before the true holiday hussle begins. Besides, some of the absolute best deals are for the early birds.

Case in Point: Amazon Prime Big Deal Days, today and tomorrow, Oct. 10-11, 2023! During the two-day extravaganza, sale offers exclusively for Prime members abound! Here are a few I'm pretty sure you don't want to miss!


Choose your favorite scent.

In the beauty category, the deals are pretty epic. I'm talking up to 40 percent off popular premium brands like Laneige, which makes everyone's favorite lip mask, and T3, one of my absolute favorite lines in high-end hair tools. I've bought half a dozen T3 tools over the years; they're exceptional. Whether it's the company's hair dryers, curling irons, flatirons or brushes, I highly recommend them all. They do the job fast without being hard on the hair. Speaking of hair, my favorite detox/clarifying shampoo is on sale, same for my favorite blonde purple conditioner for busting brass! Another hair holy grail item, Virtue Healing Oil is heavily discounted! And I'll never be without this Virtue multitasker, also available for a steal. And if you overplucked those brows in the '90s, enter this discounted gem; it's done wonders for my sad brows! Speaking of thinning, there's help for widening parts; this helped me after so many products failed me. And don't get me started on this hair mask ... heavenly! And does your family blow through zit patches? Here you go!

Fragrances rarely go on sale. But bestsellers are a steal during Prime Big Deal Days, at 30 percent off!


This cute cardigan is definitely on my list. I love sweaters by The Drop.

When it comes to fashion, expect to get a lot of that holiday shopping list covered with up to 50 percent off select shoes from top brands like Koolaburra; the kiddo styles are adorable. Also keep checking for up to 30 percent off from Ugg and Frye. Save 30 percent on Amazon fashions for kids and adults alike. I'm a big fan of Amazon Essentials puffer jackets, especially for growing kids. Also, enjoy deals on items from The Drop; be sure to check out the sweaters, including this cute cardi. And if luxury is what speaks to you or someone on your list, visit the What Goes Around Comes Around Page for luxe vintage finds at up to 15 percent savings from designers including Chanel, Gucci and Louis Vuitton.


For making all those holiday cookies with ease!

The deals for the home are some of the biggest. For example, Dyson vacuums and air purifiers are up to 47 percent off. I love my Dyson vaccums and AirWrap; the air purifier is on my list. Kitchenaid items are up to 30 percent off as well. I don't know what I ever did before my Kitchenaid Stand Mixer. And you can save even more on eero mesh Wi-Fi systems (keeping my parents Wi-Fi running for nearly a decade and counting)—with savings up to 65 percent on some models! We all know a happy house is a house with solid Wi-Fi. Smoothies and coffee help keep the casa content too. Save up to 45 percent on VitaMix blenders; we've put ours through the ringer, and it keeps on humming. Similarly, you can score a steal on espresso machines during the sale—cappuccinos every morning help bring tremendous joy and a chance to work on foam art. Stay hydrated with up to 35 percent off Hydro Flask. Oh, and if not yet on the air fryer train, now's the time.


Safety plus excellent sound quality is a win-win.

If someone on your list has been asking for a Kindle e-reader, you can expect up to 35 percent savings. If you're more of a TV lover, you can save up to 60 percent on several models of Fire TV. And to make things simpler around the house with Alexa, add an Echo for 45 percent off the usual price. For outdoor enthusiasts and avid runners, the headphones my husband swears by for running are on a crazy deal too! And so are Peloton accessories! And don't forget that oral health is super important, especially around all those holiday treats. Don't miss the deals on Waterpik; I know I won't.

Miscellaneous Marvels

This probiotic is one that actually made a difference for me. For sports, we love Nuun electrolyte tablets (especially the strawberry lemonade) because they only have one gram of sugar and taste awesome! My favorite detangling brush is discounted greatly; we seriously fight over this one. And check out the deal on this great stocking stuffer that offers awesome scalp massage and helps with dandruff.

Happy shopping, Prime members!

Natalie Kaar

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