A Few Feel-Good Faves

From the perfect hair tie to a podcast that feels personally helpful, here are a few recent feel-good faves.

A Few Feel-Good Faves
Photo by Marc Najera / Unsplash

I'm a total believer that little things really add up—for better or for worse. Here are a few of those little things that have been making things better in a big way.

First up, when it comes to hair ties or ponytail holders, we expect a lot, and a lot of options just don't deliver. They either get over-stretched, don't stretch enough, leave big creases in hair, cause damage, look a little weird or just feel downright uncomfortable. My daughters and I recently discovered GIMME hair ties, and we are 100-percent sold on them! No matter your hair type, they've got hair ties for you and your mane. They have special hair ties for thick hair, fine hair and long/curly hair.

This is a pack I bought at Target recently. It's always stashed in my purse.

I bought the medium/any fit ones in black onyx and blondie, and my daughters and I can't believe how comfortable they are! They look like they're made from cut-up shapewear. That's how I'd describe the fabric, and they rock! They don't have anything that can catch and tangle hair. You can refresh them in the wash. They don't leave dents. And, most of all, they are so comfortable. They hold tightly, but not too tightly. No headaches! This Goldilocks is smitten.

I'm also stoked about this week's The Genius Life podcast, Ep. 339. Host Max Lugavere interviewed Dr. John Deloney about his new book, "Building a Non-Anxious Life," and the episode really spoked to me. I just downloaded the book to my Kindle, and I can't wait to read it and report back. If you've been feeling lost and anxious lately with all the heartbreak in the news or with personal struggles, I recommend a listen. I also recommend it if you constantly rush from sport to sport and wish you had more unscheduled time with your family.

And, finally, I have been taken aback by the beauty of the fall leaves this year. I'm a summer and Christmastime girl through and through, but the colorful trees have really been showing off in Northern Virginia the last few weeks.

A vibrant walk with my Gwynnie
So beautiful!

Happy November! I hope you can take the time to soak it all in, maybe while sipping on a Starbucks holiday drink! The Gingerbread Oat Milk Chai is on my radar for a festive treat! Give me all the gingerbread spice!

Natalie Kaar

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