90 Days of NIRA

I had high hopes for my NIRA Precision Laser, and at the 90-day mark of using it daily, my expectations have been surpassed.

90 Days of NIRA
I recommend the NIRA most highly.

March 25, 2023 marks three full months of using my NIRA Precision Laser every morning, and I'm so excited to share my results. NIRA Precision is the first and only painless at-home laser that is FDA-cleared to reduce fine lines and wrinkles, with a small enough precision tip to target hard-to-treat areas in just two minutes per day. It uses the same non-fractional laser technology as dermatologists, without any pain or downtime, by gently heating the dermis to stimulate natural collagen production.

Next month, this sun-loving Aries will be 44 years old. Given my ongoing efforts to grow older gracefully—and look on the outside a little bit closer to how I feel on the inside (not angry 24/7)–I was so stoked to receive the NIRA for Christmas, I started using the device that day!

As I've mentioned before, I was hoping it could help undo some of the damage I've done to my face over the years through: not being good about wearing sunglasses when I was younger or high-enough SPF, wincing through the migraines I've had since puberty (squinting doesn't do us favors), and forgoing hats for way too long. In my defense, I'd argue hats are tougher to pull off with shorter hair.

Though the device is intended to treat wrinkles around the eyes, I've been using it above and below the eyes as well as on the deep crease on my forehead and nasolabial folds. I see a tremendous difference, and that's with just using the NIRA once a day, in the morning. I may soon step up my game to twice a day. Lots of reviewers have seen even more incredible results doing so. I'll have to stop my binge watching of "Shrinking" a little earlier (that show is too good!).

Below is my BEFORE. This photo was taken on Dec. 2, 2022.

My crow's feet are pretty pronounced, even in soft lighting.

The AFTER images from today, March 24, 2023:

My crow's feet have softened a lot, especially when I'm not smiling. I've seen an even bigger difference in the nasolabial folds as well as on my forehead, and that forehead line was deep! I don't have as much of a RBF.
Overall, my skin feels tighter in all of the treated areas. The best thing is that it's so simple to use, even as a sleepyhead who hasn't put in her contacts yet. I'm up to level 5, which is the top level. If I've used a peel the night before, I go down to level 3 or 4.

I don't see any major deals on the device currently—$299 is the current price—but I would keep an eye on the NIRA website, especially as Mother's Day comes along. And, actually, for what the device offers, I'd say it's worth well more than $299, especially considering the price of laser treatments at a doctor's office.

I've only charged the NIRA once! It's so convenient! And I don't have any redness or peeling after using it. I just go right along with the rest of my skincare: toner, serums, etc.

Trust me, the past three months have not been without stress. Don't I wish?! And it was no trouble to fit the NIRA into my day. I look forward to using it.

Let me know if you have any questions or would like me to do a tutorial.

Happy Spring!

Natalie Kaar

Update 6/08/23, Save $40 on the NIRA with my referral link: http://nira.refr.cc/nataliekaar.