Virtue Does It Again

When it comes to hair, Virtue always has my heart. And their newest launch may be the best yet!

Virtue Does It Again
I can tell a difference already after using this just twice. Virtue Labs Damage Reverse Serum, $60

Get ready to meet your hair's new bestie.

There are certain hair products that make me absolutely giddy! The ones I know I'll empty and reorder time and time again. Virtue is one of the hair product companies that does this to me more than any other. They blow me away with each new launch. This latest, one, though ... OMG!

Virtue Damage Reverse Serum, $60, starts repairing damaged strands from the very first use of it. A whopping 98 percent of split ends are repaired instantly. We're talking instant gratification, folks! Plus, as it repairs, it also protects against future damage. I totally wish I could launch fireworks as I type.

It's packed with the highest percentage of Virtue's hair-identical protein, Alpha Keratin 60ku®, which instantly repairs the severed bonds that give hair its strength, naturally restores damaged peptides responsible for elasticity, and refills each strand with keratin to smooth, soften and protect.

You apply Virtue Damage Reverse Serum as the first step in your hair routine, applying two to three pumps from roots to ends, and then use other styling products as you normally would. The serum can be applied to damp or dry hair.

I've been applying three pumps of the serum to my towel-dried hair before my other styling products, and it has made my hair so silky smooth and shiny. It feels so much more elastic. And it doesn't weigh my fine hair down at all. I go heavy with highlights, so I am so excited about this, I can't contain myself!

I can't wait to see the progress in coming weeks, especially on all my baby hairs! I'm so smitten.

Happy Valentine's Day!

Natalie Kaar